Sheepskin Bungee Chaser with Tennis Ball


Sheepskin Bungee Chaser with Tennis Ball

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This toy really does have everything. Designed (but not exclusively) for older puppies and dogs that like to tug but at a distance, we have added our signature bungee to one of our most popular toys the chaser!

Couple this with the soft British sheepskin and a tennis ball for that extra weight you really can use this toy in many different ways.

  • Bungee reduces jarring of the dogs neck and handlers shoulder whilst playing tug
  • Handle made from climbing grade webbing, durable enough for the strongest tuggers
  • Made using locally sourced 100% British Sheepskin.
  • Tennis ball is free from glass fibres making it non abrasive to dogs teeth

This toy measures approximately 112cm from the top of the handle to the tennis ball with a bite area of 26cm. Due to the organic nature of sheepskin the bite area size may vary.

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